Friday, December 12, 2008

FFXI Tool Basic Time of Death Monitor TOD HNM - NM - Anything! ( Final Fantasy XI)

How to use:
1. Using the sliders, select the hours (up to 99), minutes, and seconds until the mob is supposed to pop again.
2. Optional: Enter a name for the mob so you can tell the entries apart.
3. Click the "Add Time of Death" button or hit your selected hot key (default is Ctrl-D).

That's it.

The button in the upper left corner will give a menu that allows setting the always on top option, transparency of the window, and the hot key. It will also give the option to clear all entries from the list.

The "Remove Selected" button will remove the currently selected entry from the list.

The window will display the current local Earth Time and Vana'diel Time (both based on your system clock).

The list will display the mob's name, the ToD in Earth and Vana Time, the repop time in Earth and Vana Time, and a countdown to when the repop will happen.

You can close out the program between sessions and it will remember the list the next time you start it. Any entries that are past their repop times will be removed automatically.

Link to download: ToD Monitor, v0.01.07

I hope this is found useful. Enjoy.

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